Hello! Let us introduce ourselves so you can know who we are and what we do. Iberian Almond is a Spanish company dedicated to the international trade of nuts, with pistachio and almond as a main products.

Iberian almond was born thanks to the passion for the field of its founders, descendants of farmers and first-hand connoisseurs of how hard the work in field is to obtain a quality product. Beside this, an adequate academic formation has fostered the development towards the international trade of nuts

Our success is based on the following pillars:









At Iberian Almond our main priority is the customer, so we adapt ourselves fully to its needs.

Products and Services

Iberian Almond is focused on the distribution of a unique and a high quality product as the Spanish Almond is, where the organic guidelines have a distinguished role. Knowledge about this fruit allows us to make a meticulous selection in order to take it to its highest expression. We have a wide range of almond varieties, always modified with 100% natural processes, offering a close and direct treatment to clients.

100% Spanish Company and Product

We are a company located in a key and strategic place as far as almond production is concerned as Montealegre del Castillo, our town, is. It is village in the province of Albacete located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Our location allows us to know first-hand the product we are dealing with, enabling us to guarantee a 100% Spanish and a quality product.