Almendras = Bienestar + Salud + Vida

Many scientific studies agree on the fact that almond regular consumption improves the health of our cardiovascular system, as they reduce the arterial pressure and make stronger our heart, arteries and veins, avoiding cardiovascular or heart illness as: Arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, hypertension and angina pectoris.

Almonds prevent osteoporosis avoiding the degeneration of the bones and teeth thanks to its high content in calcium.

Nuts in general but specially almonds are sources of energy of languid liberation. Therefore, its use is normal between elite athletes.

One of the most remarkable and significant benefit. A moderated consumption of almonds helps us to maintain balanced our sugar levels.

Almendras beneficios - Iberian Almond

Almonds have even more proteins by gram than meat. That is why is a very demanded aliment among vegetarians and vegans.

Almonds are rich in essential fatty acids highly beneficial for the health. Their high content in monounsaturated fats favorable to our cardiovascular system. And, they also have a high content in polyunsaturated fats which contain fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6.

Concretely of vitamin E and vitamins of the group B.

Among those we found: Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, Copper and Sodium. Studies proof that 100 grams of almond daily cover all the needs of our organism as far as minerals are concerned.

Unlike other nuts this is the case of almonds. Different studies proof as almonds are associated to a smaller obesity incidence. In addition, a percentage of calories are not absorbed by the organism and raise the metabolism.

Almonds are completely free of gluten.

Their content in gamma-tocopherol and a variety of Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant which fight against the free radicals cancer producers.

Thanks to their content in riboflavin and L-Carnitine, nutrients which help to have a better neurological activity and to improve the memory.

Thanks to their high content in antioxidants.

By having a reduced level in carbohydrates and a high content in fiber and proteins, they increase the satiety.