Available as

Organic, shelled natural grain, in shell, blanched and industrialized (slivered slices, dices and flour).


Among all the almond varieties available around the world, this is the most valued and the most delicious one. With a naked eye we can differentiate it from the different varieties due to its round shape, uniformity and its brown skin color. It is rich in proteins (19g/100g), iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is available as an organic product.


It is an essential element in the nougat industry, as well as in ice creams, cakes, marzipans, bonbons, sugared almonds, different desserts and industrialized products (slivered, dices, flour…), due to its flavor and its unique characteristics.

Grain size

13.5/14, 14/16, 15/16, 16/16.5, 17, mm (25/27, 23/25, 20/22, 18/20, 16/18, p.oz.) (35/36, 36/38, 37/38, 38/39, 39, IT FR).


Available in: 1000Kg Big-bags, 25 Kg sacks, 12.5, 10 and 5Kg boxes, and 5 and 1Kg MAP bags.