Available as

Organic, shelled natural grain, in shell, blanched and industrialized (slivered slices, dices and flour).


A superior quality almond, characterized by its long, plain, uniform shape and its light color. It has a sweet and intense flavor. It is the only variety in which the skin becomes very easily detachable after the toasting process, which makes its consumption among the toasted almond lovers to be high. It is available as an organic product.


It is the most used variety for snack, aperitif and sugared almonds sellers and producers. It is the best variety to toast.

Grain size

10/11.5, 11/12, 11/12.5, 11.5/13.5, 12.5/13.5, 13.5/14, 13.5/14.5, 14.5, mm (36/40, 30/35, 27/30, 25/27, 23/25, 20/22, 18/20, 16/18, p.oz.) (32/33, 33/34, 33/35, 34/35, 35/36, 36/37, 37, IT FR).


Available in: 1000Kg Big-bags, 25 Kg sacks, 12.5, 10 and 5Kg boxes, and 5 and 1Kg MAP bags.