Sport Practitioners

Propiedades nutricionales de la almendra para deportistas

A huge quantity of sport practitioners take nuts before their trainings and in a daily diet, which it is normal because of the benefits nuts have for our organism and the extra help which provide us to make any kind of sport.

Nuts help sporty people to make an intense and prolonged physical effort, thanks to their proprieties; almonds also regulate the consumption of combustible and strengthen the antioxidant defenses.

They make the training to be more effective or increase the sporty efficiency because of their capacity to save oxygen and they facilitate the oxygen transport to the muscle.

They are an excellent food for endurance athletes as runners or cyclists in order to improve their resistance performance in training and competitions.

Due to their characteristics, for the sport practitioners is recommended a consumption of raw almonds (without bake, without fry, without salt or oil), recommending a handful during the breakfast, another before training and another after training, and if almonds are from Spain, much better, due to its better proprieties.

Vegetarians and Vegans

They are very important in this type of diets due to their huge quantity of concentrated proteins (21g/100g).

The products we can obtain from almonds are also compatible with vegetarians and vegans diets, between these products we can highlight: Milk, oil, sauce, nougat, ice cream, sponge cake and almond cream.


Nutritional content for each 100gr:

Calories 580Kcal.
Proteins 21g
Carbohydrates 22g
Fats 50g
Vitamin B1 0.21mg
Vitamin B6 0.14mg
Vitamin B3 3.3mg
Vitamin  E 26.22mg
Calcium 264mg
Iron 3.72mg
Zinc 3.08mg
Potassium 705mg
Phosphorus 484mg
Magnesium 268mg
alto valor nutricional de la almendra
Leche de almendras en helado
Bizcocho de almendras
Turrón de almendras
Bombón con almendras crudas