Healthy confinement at home

In these difficult times we are going through, stay at home is, without doubt, the best option to solve this global problem. Everybody must contribute to the solution of this situation. All of us must contribute our grain of sand and contribute to the solution of this situation

For many people, the fact of staying at home, can be a tremendous shock because of they have seen how their jobs, vacations, moments with family, etc. have been truncated. However, this situation must be faced in a different way, with optimism and enthusiasm and this must be transmitted to all the people around us.

In order to carry on our home confinement in a healthier way, we propose you to include nuts in your daily diet, now, we will remind you numerous properites and benefits that this kind of Food can provide us.

Nuts are included in Mediterranean diet. They stand out for their high content of phosphorus, fiber or protein and their high energy level (<4kcal / g). In the table below showed we can see a summary of the nutritional composition about some of them, where we observe how the almond has a higher protein content than the Brazil nut, hazelnut and Macadamia nut, being practically similar to pistachio value.

Nuts help us with prevention of cardiovascular diseases, there are studies that show that they protect us against the development of this kinnd of disease, eating between 4 and 5 portions (35-40g / portion) per week, we can reduce approximately 40% the risk of suffering them.

We can combat cellular aging thanks to the high content of antioxidants, mainly Vitamin E, this means that, if we ingest around 35g daily, we will be able to cover approximately 65% ​​of the daily needs that our body needs.

Its high fiber content will produce a satiating effect and at the same time will facilitate intestinal transit.

As for the fat of nuts, it stands out for its low content in saturated fatty acids, being higher the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, therefore, it will help us in the protection of coronary health.

For all this, we recommend that, if you still do not have them in your diet, do so today.

Stay well and healthy!

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