flor helada, impacto en el precio de la almendra californiana

The strong frosts cause a huge uncertainty among the Californian almond producers

The cold wave and the forecast for following days of low temperatures are causing a great worry among the Californian almond producers.

In this moment almond trees are initiating their flowering, a situation of a huge vulnerability that could produce almond losses if the low temperatures continue. All this can cause a great reduction in the almonds production, what will be translated to a minor offer available in the market that inevitably will lead us to a strong price rise.

As we well know, California is the largest almond producer in the world; with approximately the 80% of the world production thus everyone will notice the impact of these frosts.

Meanwhile, in countries like Spain, the strong storm that is happening is causing also a lot of damages in certain cultivations, almond trees between them, in some zones of the peninsular west the flowering period had started and it has caused many damages in the almond production.

All this facts have caused a huge uncertainty around the almond price, leaving both offer and demand very expectant to this situation.