Almond protein / Almond powder / Defatted almond flour

Let me introduce the product what we are going to describe in this news. This product is not very common but its consumption does not stop growing, specially among the population who wants to take care of its health.

This producto is Almond protein or Almond powder, it is obtained through a cold press process of blanched Almond, with that process a high content in fat and oil is removed from the almonds, getting in that way a very healthy product.

This deffated Almond flour haas many benefits for the health, it is because of its high content in protein and fiber and of course its lower content in fats, that is the reason because this product is very popular among sporty people.

Usually, this product is offer in powder form and its consume consists in adding a couple of spoonful (about 20g) to a drink that it can be a shake, juice, yourgt, water, etc. And in that way you can thus enhance its effect. It is a nutritional supplement.

In addition to this, this product is a suitable product for vegan and vegetarian people. Almond protein is available in a bio / organic line, so that, its makes even healthier.