Almond milk

Leche de almendras

The origin of almond milk dates back to ancient Greece, although it would be during the Middle Ages when this drink became popular, being consumed by both Christians and Muslims.

Almond milk made with almonds became a substitute for cow’s milk during the Lenten season, besides its plant origin, allowed its conservation for a period of time longer than of animal origin. These were the main reasons that led to success.

Almond milk has a flavor that is very similar to cow’s milk, being its aroma much lighter.

Although it is true, it is not a very common product in the shopping cart of consumers, but little by little it has been making inroads into household consumption thanks to the numerous benefits it presents. Its consumption has always been recommended by doctors and specialists.

Among its benefits we could highlight the following:

-Help regulate cholesterol.

-Presents a high content of potassium, which helps improve potassium levels after episodes of diarrhea or vomiting

-Contributes to improve gastritis or gastrointestinal problems

– Its high content of soluble and insoluble natural fiber protects the intestinal wall, especially in favor of the colon, helping to regulate the absorption of sugars and cholesterol.

-High content of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps prevent the onset of cancer.

-Does not have gluten.

-It contains vitamin B2 that helps strengthen hair and nails.

In addition, this drink is especially indicated for pregnant women since it allows controlling fatigue and dizziness, facilitating digestion or contributing to the correct development of the baby’s bones, among many other factors.

However, although almond milk is a great nutritional food, its consumption is not recommended for all people due to various factors such as allergy to nuts or thyroid problems, therefore, it is recommended to consult first with the doctor.

Finally, we leave you the recipe to make your own almond milk:

Ingredients: One cup of raw almonds, three glasses of water, salt and sugar.

  1. Put the almonds to soak overnight
  2. Drain and clean the almonds
  3. Mix the three glasses of water with the almonds already drained
  4. Blend the mixture for 10 minutes
  5. When everything is well mixed, add a little sugar or honey and a little salt
  6. Strain the mixture obtained in the blender
  7. Enjoy almond milk!

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